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The old chapel was part of Rauceby mental asylum, originally built in 1897. It is a now-defunct mental institution in the parish of Quarrington, Lincolnshire. The main hospital building was closed in 1998 and abandoned for decades.


In 2014 the old chapel underwent redevelopment. What was once a derelict and neglected building has undergone a massive transformation. Today, The chapel is home to a brand new tearoom and luxury event venue


Lovingly restored, the venue is set in a magnificent victorian chapel and surrounded by a stunning Grade II registered park and conservation area.


The chapel’s interior is full of character from original timber roof and trusses, bronze windows, lime-washed walls, warm lighting, contemporary art and bespoke furniture. The neutral textures of old oak beams, bricks and stone have been preserved to create a rustic but refined space and a timeless interior.

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